DEO Website
July 2017 - Present


Note that this is an ongoing project at ServiceNow, Inc. and hence I have not shared the data collected and our potential designs. To learn more about this project, you can contact me here.

Duration: 4+ months

Team Members
Akanksha Kevalramani, Monique Lindsay

Platform: Website

The Problem
Design Experience Organization (DEO) aims to establish itself as a leader in the design community and for this we need to recruit talented designers as well as increase our presence in design. One of the elements that could help us achieve our goal is the DEO website. The experience of the existing DEO website was not very impressive to other designers and potential hires, and the content of the website was not catering to potential hires as well as other designers looking to us for inspiration.

My Role
As this was the only assignment I was working on during my summer internship, I was able to take the lead on the project with help from my mentor and co-worker Monique Lindsay.
• Conducted user research by surveying ~50 designers and interviewing 8 designers
• Created personas and use cases
• Performed a competitive analysis of the web experience of design teams in other companies
• Developed a content strategy and a sitemap
• Created lo-fi wireframes and performed usability testing
• Created hi-fi mockups


User Research
Our goals of the research were to understand what an ideal company is for designers and learn about their goals and needs, as well as identify pain points in our current DEO experience. We conducted an online survey of 47 designers from various backgrounds and with various skill levels. We also conducted 8 in-person interviews with designers at ServiceNow.

Competitve Analysis
We researched design teams in other companies to see how they were using their website as a platform to recruit talent and voice their design thinking. We looked at different websites for aesthetics, content and IA, usability, voice and tone, and creativity.

Personas and Use Cases
We developed 3 personas - entry-level designers, mid-level designers and senior-level designers. Each persona had their own pains, behaviors, wants, needs and expectations. We then developed the ideal use cases for each of these personas.


Lo-fi Wireframes
We had a brainstorming session and multiple iterations on our lo-fi wireframes. Once we finalized a lo-fi wireframe that we was catering to all of our personas, we conducted usability testing with employees at ServiceNow (due to convenience) and this helped us refine our wireframe even more.

High Fidelity Designs
We then began moodboarding and focusing on color palettes, typography, voice and tone, photography, etc. to align with our goals as well as the brand of ServiceNow. We also created different versions of the high-fidelity mockups. Currently, this project is on a pause as I, along with the rest of the Design System team at DEO, have been working on designing ServiceNow’s upcoming product, Workspace. I expect to continue working on this project in 2018 so we can bring our vision for the DEO website to life.